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This peak is followed by a ∼10 °C drop in the Greenland surface temperature over ∼150 y, revealing the possible climatic impact of the eruption.Our Ar age also provides a high-precision calibration point for other ice, marine, and terrestrial archives containing Toba sulfates and ash, facilitating their global synchronization at unprecedented resolution for a critical period in Earth and human history beyond the range of The late Quaternary is a period highlighted by recurrent climatic variations on millennial to decadal timescales [known as Dansgaard–Oeschger (D-O) events in the Greenland ice core record (1)], the evolution of anatomically modern humans in Africa and their subsequent dispersal worldwide, and a range of biotic extinctions and extirpations.If confirmed, then this evidence would support genetic estimates (28) for the first wave of dispersals of modern humans out of Africa and into Asia before 74 ka and argue against the initial exit occurring only after the eruption.As in India, the absence of associated human fossils at Kota Tampan precludes a definitive verdict (7), and it also is possible that the Kota Tampan artifacts were manufactured by Denisovans or modern humans who had exchanged genes with Denisovans in Southeast Asia (28, 29).Ash and sulfate aerosols were deposited in both hemispheres, forming a time-marker horizon that can be used to synchronize late Quaternary records globally.A precise numerical age for this event has proved elusive, with dating uncertainties larger than the millennial-scale climate cycles that characterized this period.

The timing of the NGRIP sulfate peak at 2,548-m depth, relative to the D-O 20 and 19 warming events, is resolved to ± 50 y using the GICC05modelext timescale.When combined with the NALPS ages for D-O 20 and 19, the age of the sulfate peak in the NGRIP core can be constrained to 73.7 ka, with a 1σ uncertainty ± 0.2 ka or better (Table 1).This age is within the uncertainty of our Ar age for the Toba eruption, so these events cannot have been separated by more than a few centuries. Tjek ud de sidste medlemmer nedenfor og se om du kan finde din ideelle match. Vores hjemmeside har 100-vis af andre medlemmer der leder efter et hookup med nogen som dig!The Toba supereruption in Sumatra, ∼74 thousand years (ka) ago, was the largest terrestrial volcanic event of the Quaternary.

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However, the reported ages for YTT ash (Table 1) have uncertainties of several thousand years and lack the resolution to differentiate between these millennial-scale climate cycles, limiting progress on synchronizing late Quaternary records and assessing the possible impact of the eruption on climate and ecosystem response in different regions.

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