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More specifically, she’s engaged in hidden self-harm – committing a slow form of suicide in the privacy of the bathroom stall.Suicide is a flight from suffering, but there’s often a great deal of spite involved in it, too.The opposite of Love isn’t Indifference, I guess, it’s Hate.But the comments got me thinking: “Eating Disorders” – are they actually a thing?They simply create a list of observable behaviours and call the disorder.If this were how mental illness actually worked, you’d expect the same mental illnesses springing up in every country, and every culture; but you don’t.The crazy person gets labelled, they’re fed a narcotic (often one with less benefits, and more side-effects than a placebo), they get to feel special because they’ve joined a victim group, while the Psychologist pats himself on the back and ignores all the damage he’s caused in the world.Now you might think that this is the point where I reject the term “mental illness” for being incomparable to physical illness; quite the contrary, in fact.

But while symptoms might vary between diseases, the fundamental aspects of them do not.Big Insurance demands a diagnosis, and Big Pharma demands that we cure it with a pill.As a result, mental health becomes just another for-profit-at-all-costs machine.These are the men and women who’ve discovered fascinating things about the mind.Far too many of them, however, act like autistic savants, or scheming manipulators; rather than try and understand the mind, they describe manifestations of mental illness, and call it a day.

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Both the mind and the body are complex, anti-fragile systems, and when such a system goes wrong, it usually happens due to one of only a handful of errors.

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