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Dating hockey player rule

features hitherto-unthinkable passages in which he discusses his love of Shakespeare, the value of mindfulness, and the fact that he cried during his NHL hearing for making his most infamous comment, about how Dion Phaneuf was dating his “sloppy seconds” (i.e., actress Elisha Cuthbert).

He doesn’t claim to be an entirely reformed character—“I’m not even going to claim to be a good guy,” he writes—and there’s more than a hint of score-settling throughout the book.

They sent me to a drug-and-alcohol—not an anger-management—rehabilitation facility.

Q: Two years ago, you were charged with possession of what turned out to be prescribed drugs. There’s days that I have a tough time getting out of bed; my body doesn’t agree with me.

You tweeted out a list of prescriptions, and among them the ones you had been charged for. When the weather changes, it really hits the joints. I played abnormally hard compared to my size and the type of player that I was.

Q: How did the NHL work its way around to discouraging individuality?

A: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when [NHL commissioner] Gary [Bettman] came in, the league got focused on getting and keeping those TV dollars.

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[Now] it’s a [pain-] management problem, and some days, the only way to get through that is with drugs.

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