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Free private show mobile chat to submissive lady

She sat down beside me and placed her gentle hand on my kneee, I nearly came there and then.

‘You have been very good.’ she said but I can see your are suffering looking at my lap with a cheeky grin on her face.

I laughed trying to make a joke of my embrassment, inwardly I wanted to cry.

‘Why don’t you take it out and stroke it for me and I will watch.’ ‘No, I thought you were freaked out about masturbation.’ I replied.

Inside my pants my six inch cock was beginning to stir and with her talk of masturbation it grew hard and my balls ached. When the holiday came we were blessed with good weather.

There was a beach near the caravan and we went there everyday.

She kissed me gently and then pulling her dressing gown around her got up went to the small fridge and brought over a mug of ice cubes.

She place them around my huge cock, I nearly came again put then my erection calmed down until my cock lay soft between my thighs.

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That night in the Caravan she cooked me a light supper and poured me a glass of red wine, it was still warm and she wore a dressing gown tied tightly around her waist with nothing underneath.

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