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I would like to give special thanks and appreciation to Dr.

Richard Cryberg (chemist by training) for his help and his contributions to this website and for assisting me in every aspect of pigeon genetics. Cryberg's exceptional knowledge in genetics and chemistry, his patience and willingness to assist, where possible, is greatly appreciated. Frank Mosca (biologist by training), who also helped me to understand the basics of pigeon genetics and allowed me to use his website as one of the references.

You are wondering if you could get an almond offspring when you breed a yellow bird with a brown bird, then breed the offspring from this mating with the offspring of black and white parents.

Ancient people were also concerned with genetics and inheritance and sometimes developed some fantastic ideas about it because they did not understand our present concept of genetic science.

The fact is, no one really knows all the genetic parts needed to make a human being. Not only do we not know what all the genes are and where they are located, we don't even know how many there are.

Therefore, like the rest of genetics, pigeon genetics still has a lot of unknown elements.

I highly recommend that before you are cleared for launch, read the following friendly warning if you would like to survive pigeon genetics.," to help me keep the order around here.

You want to understand how you got a blue youngster from two red parents.

You are here because you want to understand the colors and patterns of your pigeons, and breed your desired offspring.

You would like to know which parents you need to breed together to get that desired trait.

In order to better understand pigeon genetics, you should be familiar with basic genetics and genetic terms first. For your safety, please buckle up, remain seated, and keep your eyes on the monitor at all times.

Thus, I will start with some simple definitions, which will hopefully create some familiarity with terms. No talking, sleeping, smoking, eating, drinking, videotaping, flash photography, copying, or pasting while you are visiting this website.

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When you get comfortable with the basic terms, then the subject of pigeon genetics should not seem so difficult. These rules are for the safety of the readers to avoid the severe damages to themselves as well as the safety of their domestic pigeon breeds.

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