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Perhaps that is why it is called Shavuot, Hebrew for “weeks.” The reason is historic.

Count the days from the second night of Passover and when you reach fifty you will be at the holy day of Shavuot. Penta means ”fifty.” Shavuot is the only holy day on the Jewish calendar which is not assigned a specific date, it is only numbered from the previous holy day.

This continuity was lost to a great extent due to the disruption of the Exile to Babylon and the Diaspora in Europe.

Many families painstakingly preserved their traditions of descent even in the post-Exilic period.

Only because of Naomi’s direction was the path of Ruth realized. Maharsha teaches that the aim of the scroll is to teach us of the birth of King David, sweet singer, creator of the holy psalms. This then also delivers the added lesson that Shavuot is a time to realign our souls with singing songs of God.

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Throughout the course of the Bible the narrative revolves around the sequence of the generations, from the patriarchs, the division of the Children Of Israel into the Twelve Tribes, the Exodus from Egypt, the pioneers in the establishment of the Jewish nation in Eretz Yisrael, the Prophets, the Royal House of David until the destruction of Jerusalem and the Exile into the Diaspora During the pre-Exilic period the Jews preserved records of their genealogical connection to the nation.Ruth: On Shavuot we read the megillah (Scroll) of Ruth.Found in the Tanach (Hebrew for Bible), Ruth tells the story of a woman’s coming to Judaism.All the others tend to be heavy, with a lot of time spent preparing for it.Many Ashkenazic Jews (from Europe) like to eat blintzes on Shavuot.

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Rashi’s family and disciples established centers of learning and laid the foundations of the communities which became the hub of Jewish life in many towns in Western Europe.

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