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Why do I, or any other human, get sore and cracked heels?I understand it's less common in men than women – presumably this is down to footwear choices?Together, the 'take-over' of resistant strains would render the use of the antibacterial agent essentially ineffective.

Instead of asking which brand of soap was the most 'effective' and classifying all bacteria as germs, I should have been investigating how to prevent the growth and spread of specific disease-causing bacteria, or pathogens. You can't tell by eye which bacteria growing within a petri dish are the 'good guys' versus ones that cause disease, and some pathogenic microbes, like viruses, can't be detected within agar petri dishes.

The presence of some bacteria isn't necessarily a bad thing.

In the lab where I am pursuing my dissertation, our focus is understanding the complex interactions between animal hosts and bacteria.

An earlier questioner asked how metal blades in wet shavers lost their sharpness so easily on human hair.

One answer said that alternating blades in a razor made each one last longer than if left in place until they became blunt.

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A recent New Scientist article "The most ancient piece of you" (4 November 2017) discussed the common ancestors of living beings today.

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    As photosynthesis is the only significant mechanism of energy-input into the biosphere, chloroplasts are extremely important, not just to plants but to animals and mankind alike. (2005) A molecular-genetic study of the Arabidopsis Toc75 gene family.

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