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In fact the question is so general that we may be speaking of any form of dating. Relative dating allows you to say that Julius Caesar was born before Napoleon.It also allows you to say that the pyramids were built before the Empire State Building.Geochronology is the science of determining the age of rocks, fossils, and sediments using signatures inherent in the rocks themselves.Absolute geochronology can be accomplished through radioactive isotopes, whereas relative geochronology is provided by tools such as palaeomagnetism and stable isotope ratios.Exposure dating uses the concentration of exotic nuclides (e.g.

More slowly decaying isotopes are useful for longer periods of time, but less accurate in absolute years.Two methods of paleomagnetic dating have been suggested (1) Angular method and (2) Rotation method.Magnetostratigraphy determines age from the pattern of magnetic polarity zones in a series of bedded sedimentary and/or volcanic rocks by comparison to the magnetic polarity timescale.By combining multiple geochronological (and biostratigraphic) indicators the precision of the recovered age can be improved.Geochronology is different in application from biostratigraphy, which is the science of assigning sedimentary rocks to a known geological period via describing, cataloguing and comparing fossil floral and faunal assemblages.

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