Suleyman magnificul 15 octombrie online dating

Suleyman magnificul 15 octombrie online dating

He annexed much of the Middle East in his conflict with the Safavids and large areas of North Africa as far west as Algeria.

Its capture was vital in removing the Hungarians and Croats who, following the defeats of the Albanians, Bosniaks, Bulgarians, Byzantines and the Serbs, remained the only formidable force who could block further Ottoman gains in Europe.

Upon encountering the lifeless body of King Louis, Suleiman is said to have lamented: "I came indeed in arms against him; but it was not my wish that he should be thus cut off before he scarcely tasted the sweets of life and royalty." Some Hungarian nobles proposed that Ferdinand, who was ruler of neighboring Austria and tied to Louis II's family by marriage, be King of Hungary, citing previous agreements that the Habsburgs would take the Hungarian throne if Louis died without heirs.

However, other nobles turned to the nobleman Ioan Zápolya, who was being supported by Suleiman.

At the age of seven, Suleiman was sent to study science, history, literature, theology and military tactics in the schools of the imperial Topkapı Palace in Constantinople (modern Istanbul).

As a young man, he befriended Pargalı Ibrahim, a slave who later became one of his most trusted advisers. 1512–1520), Suleiman entered Constantinople and ascended to the throne as the tenth Ottoman Sultan. Rumor has it that Suleiman is aptly named, enjoys reading, is knowledgeable and shows good judgment." Upon succeeding his father, Suleiman began a series of military conquests, eventually suppressing a revolt led by the Ottoman-appointed governor of Damascus in 1521.

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