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Taboo personal dating

If more parents dared to teach their daughters (and sons) about healthy relationships and what it means to love yourself before trying to find and give love to a significant other, we wouldn’t need so much reassurance from a boy, and wouldn’t feel so helpless after every break-up.

If Mayura Iyer is a graduate of the University of Virginia and is presently pursuing a Master of Public Policy.

Black women have told me it's because I'm a sellout.

Because of the lack of dialogue on relationships in my household, I wasn’t able to have a dialogue on what mature, healthy relationships look and feel like.

Moreover, because the relationship had to be a secret, I felt like it was more important for me to stay out of trouble with my family and not say anything than to express how miserable I was feeling.

I would whisper in hushed tones under my blanket with the lights were off so that no one would suspect that I was up late.

When explaining why I had to go through so much trouble just to go on a date, or why I couldn’t just bring my boyfriend home for dinner to my non-South Asian friends, I was met with skepticism, judgment, and suspicion.

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The first time I published an article on my relationships, I was a nervous wreck. Will I be able to show my face at another puja again?

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